Thursday, August 4, 2011


Okay - so this blog is probably WAAAAAAY overdue, but it's better late than never.... Right?

But hey! We're in DC now... well sort of. We're "slummin'" it in the really close suburbs. :) In our hunt to find a home, we would have loved to live IN the district... but let's face it. It's hella expensive!!! Good grief, NOVA ain't cheap, but at least we have grass all around our apartment for Ginger to do her business in instead of a flower pot. Honestly, I feel bad for those little (and big) dogs roamin' around the city looking and longing for a big, plush, plot of GRASS just to poop on.

I have recently discovered several blogs by local DC peeps and a few "born and raised" DC brats. In one of the blogs, one of the girls went on a rampage about people "moving to the city" and then not "living IN the city". She just didn't understand, she couldn't comprehend why anyone would want to "slum it" in the suburbs.

If it's not obvious already to you, my fellow readers and friends, she's NEVER LIVED ANYWHERE ELSE! Spending $2,500+ a month in rent for less than 900 square feet is "normal". HA!

Are you puking yet?

Seriously, it's ridiculous. I mean, okay... if you've got the money to do it, by all means do it. Spend your hard earned money to live IN IT. DC is a wonderful city and anyone wanting to live the city life would LOVE to live there... it's an easy city to live in.

But do explain why there are soooo many people living in the city to live and thrive off of a delectable diet of Ramen and booze?

Yea, I'm sorry. I'd rather save my money and buy a house... with a drive way... perhaps with a garage for my CAR (the one you can't afford to pay for or to pay to park it in the district)... some grass... neighbors who also have their own space to make noise in so that I don't hear while I'm trying to blog...a few extra rooms for family and quests to stay while they come to visit me (or just while they sight see)...  and maybe even room for a real BBQ.

I KNOW buying a house here in NOVA is a big deal too. Did I EVER think I'd say I'd be interested in saving/buying a modest home that costs $500,000!?!??!?!?! HELLLLLS NO! In NC I thought that was probably my later in life upgrade! You know, after you've had your kids and raised each of them to the age where they're all in school and going through their hormonal and independence rage where they practically DEMAND their own room (or backyard bungalow). *deep breath*

Certainly not what I thought would be in the plan for the next 5 years. Kids, probably... but a half a million dollar home without an acre of land............  uummmmm didn't see that one coming 5 months ago and I'm crossing my fingers now for the HOPE we'll find something we like, can live in, that's not a million miles away, not in a "bad neighborhood", and actually that "cheap".

GAG! I'll probably throw-up the day it actually happens.

Until then... I'll just keep laughing at the "DC Natives" who can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm quite certain that if they gave it a try, a few years and a couple major elections (because YOU CAN'T VOTE IN DC!), they might learn that the grass really CAN be greener on the other side.

Or well, maybe just in the "slums".


  1. I love slummin outside the city with ya girl!!!!

  2. I like it in the slums! :) Glad you're my neighbor.