Friday, April 1, 2011

A Motivating Word...

So, today Ginger and I were out on our 3 mile power walk (my best attempt to wear her out!) and we meet a new friendly face on the greenway.

Before we met her, I saw her getting ready to start her walk. Her husband was also with her running some "warm-up" sprints like he was getting to run a 5k or something.... Picture Napoleon Dynamite with some age on him.... no joke, that's her husband. Sweat pants, sweat bands and his t-shirt perfectly tucked. He was quite a character himself.

Back to this lady....

I noticed quickly that she had on a super cute workout outfit - neon pink runners jacket with the standard black workout tights and some kickin' Nikes: black with a neon pink sole and neon pink laces. I soon was close enough to notice she was probably 50-something. Ging and I passed her and she loved all up on GG for a few minutes before she said, "I've got to get! My heart-rate's dropping!" and all with a smile, she marched off.

Eventually, Ginger and I caught back up with this lady. I got beside her and told her that her shoes were awesome and asked what she was training for. She smiled real big and said, "For Me!"

We continue to huff and puff our way down the greenway and her husband passes all of us... she gestured to him and said "He got me these shoes to keep me moving... so he says, I think they just look good and they make me feel like I'm going fast!" We giggled and exchanged a few more words before she said:

"I've got to keep movin' to keep living! So I'm doing it!"

I looked at her and said, "That's AWESOME! Keep up the GREAT work!!! You look great and you look happy out here working on YOU!"

She looked at me and said "Honey, you have no idea! I've never realized how happy I am until now. You made me realize I'm taking GOOD care of myself doing this every day. It's not just "walking"... I'm building a better me!!! THANK YOU!"

I quickly smiled and said thanks... but told her to make sure she thanked that man of hers for getting her those killer shoes! ;)

Just when you think you haven't made a difference.... Something happens and proves you wrong! Keep moving friends! Who knows, maybe you need some kick ass new shoes to help get you movin'!?!? Whatever it takes - DO IT! Keep loving and working on you!

No one is more important. I love you guys!

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  1. you rock, sisterfriend, love you right back!