Monday, August 15, 2011

Motivational Monday!!

Happy Monday friends! :)

Todd and I started our morning off saying good morning to Ole Abe. We met up with a running group from a local running store at 0530 and off we ran over the Memorial Bridge and up the steps of the Abe Lincoln Memorial. I'll be honest, I've never been at the monument before 6AM, but there was a calmness that was so inspirational.... It was really amazing.

I'm so lucky to live in this part of our country.

As I ran back over the Memorial Bridge I looked out over the Potomac and Arlington Cemetery and prayed that this view would NEVER get "old". It's breathtaking before the crowds (and heat).

Now to keep you energized and working towards your goals....

I have a friend who just started her own blog documenting her quest to being the BEST woman she can be. I'm so excited for her and what's in store for her and her family. This friend is the perfect example of the do-it-all-mother and working professional. Yes, she's GREAT at taking of of everything and everyone else (literally).... but she cheats herself of many things she really needs to stay a balanced, sane and healthy woman. She is an example of taking personal responsibility for herself, but also finding accountability with the help of her family, friends and probably, her new blog.

I would LOVE to share her blog with you guys, but I need to check with her first. I'm not sure she's ready for EVERYONE to know it exists yet... but I promise, it's well written, humorous and real. She's amazing!

But here's your motivation for the week. I know it's "sales" related... but if you listen to the short 2:50 clip, you'll take away a lot. I first discovered Jeffery in college when I started reading "The Little Red Book of Selling". He knows how to motivate the heck of anyone! I instantly wanted you to see this video "Kick Your Own Ass" when I saw it. I had a crazy spin instructor in college who was the first person I had heard use the phrase... In the midst of screaming (seriously, she was intense!), cussing, sweating, ripping hamstrings and near dehydration... she'd say she wasn't "making us do this"... she was "only motivating us to KICK OUR OWN ASSES!". After she yelled that the first time, I got it.

You're in charge. Enjoy Jeffery's message.

Go out and KICK YOUR OWN ASS today! :)

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