Monday, January 3, 2011

My Roost....

So, it's a new year. Good grief, it's 2011 already! 

Yes, I have decided to get on the blog-bandwagon. I am really excited about it too! As if I'm not on my computer enough already, lets just add ONE MORE THING to the list!

On a serious note though, I really think (or hope) that this blog will give me the voice to help encourage and motivate its readers to love and to take care of  THEMSELVES. Years ago, if you asked me about being a "teacher" I would snarl my nose at you and say "NO WAY!"... well, apparently Nursing School help me learn that like my mother, I am a great teacher. 

Best of all, I LOVE IT! 

I may not have it perfected, but the passion is there to help those who want to help themselves. Health and wellness is a topic most people view as a physical and/or dietary subject. Although important, diet and exercise are just two components of what MUST be a holistic approach to health and wellness. [Mind. Body. Spirit.]  

A lot of healthcare workers don't practice (personally or professionally - grr! but that's for later) this approach either... but it is making a comeback! YAY! 

You love your family... so love yourself enough to take care of this big, beautiful body that GOD made for you to enjoy with them, in communion with Him, and to DO what His PURPOSE is for you to do on this earth. 

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, opinions, ideas, words and adventures with you! :) Thank you for joining me (and most of the time, Todd). 

Okay - well, I have to quickly state that this blog is MINE (in a round about way). I initiated it as my "soapbox" of sorts. I will do my best to be nice, kind and pc.... but I'm really good to say how I feel or what I'm thinking too, and that might not be so nice, kind or pc. I want people to participate in this process with me - ask questions, give feedback and have fun!! (ugh, there's the TEACHER in me) I want everyone who reads this to take something from it, even myself. BE OPEN MINDED. It is not my intention to hurt feelings, make people mad or have hate mail coming my way... Please don't be petty or stupid about stuff. We aren't in high school anymore (thank goodness) and we should all have the coping skill of "shaking it off" well developed by now. If not, then we need to work on that... maybe that can be a subject o post about. :) HAPPY reading.

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