Sunday, January 16, 2011


Last week I asked at "Your Numbers". Did anyone actually find these out or does anyone KNOW their numbers?! Here are the numbers again:

Know Your 5:
  • Blood Pressure
  • Waist Size
  • Weight
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar 
When you get some time, take about 10 minutes to watch Dr. Oz's video's on these 5 Life Saving Numbers:
Know Your 5: Lifesaving Tests, Pt. 1
Know Your 5: Lifesaving Tests, Pt. 2

 Dr. Oz is one of a few people in the "Public eye" of whom I see really trying to make changes in our society. He is on the front lines some could say of the Life Saving Business, often literally. I LOVE his passion for helping people make CHANGES in their lives that impact them in ways they never thought possible. Dr. Oz cares about the holistic health of a person and never fails to get that point across. No, I don't watch every episode of his TV Show and no, I don't read everyone of his books.... but he really is inspirational. As someone who shares the same passion of helping others help themselves, it's nice to see someone (Dr. Oz for example) share the resources and skills they have actually make an IMPACT.

 *warning - i'm getting on my "roost"*

I often feel so many of my friends, family members, patients and many members of our society don't take the time find or make an IMPACT. We're all way too busy making excuses; for ourselves, our parents, our kids, our job... and my least favorite - our time.

Trust me, we can ALL find the time to do what it is we WANT to do, Right? We can all watch our favorite TV Shows, eat at our favorite restaurants, drive nice cars (with nice monthly payments), drink all the wine/beer/liquor we want .... and then when it comes to doing something GOOD for ourselves, WE CAN'T!?!?!?

I'm really sick and tired of hearing a gym membership costs too much - $30? 1.)Dinner last night cost that much. Stay home and fix something good for yourself with your family a few nights a week and you've saved your gym money. 2.) Don't worry about a gym - turn on Exercise OnDemand from your cable company and pick a workout; buy a used DVD online (I find them for like $6 after shipping), or heaven forbid - get outside and WALK

Please don't tell me vegetables and fruit take too long to prepare and that's why you don't eat them - Seriously? Wash. Dry. Peel (maybe). Eat. What's so hard about that? Okay... put it in a bowl with a few others too! :) If you want to get real fancy, steam them...

You're too tired? - well.... I'm going to go out on a limb and blame Lazy. When you just sit around at work and then come home and sit some more... of course you're tired. Your brain doesn't have any oxygen!! GET UP AND GET MOVING!!! Exercise has been proven over and over and over again to help fight fatigue and promote mental health. Here's an article from about this too!

I could go on, but I'll tread lightly this morning. :) You're welcome.

So, I'm no Dr. Oz... heck, I'm not even a Registered Nurse (yet!). But I want to make an IMPACT! I want each of you to make one too. Maybe it's in impact in your spiritual health. Maybe it's in your bikini this Summer. Who knows, maybe it's the impact of your incredible biceps.

Get motivated to have others ask YOU how! That's making an IMPACT. Like a ripple effect.

Learn your risks by being informed. "Knowing Your Numbers" is important for making the changes that make an IMPACT on your well-being and ultimately your livelihood.

*slowly stepping off my "roost" for now* 

Here's to a wonderful day! LOVES!
- a.

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