Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How big is your plate?

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This article reminds me of what my parents would say when I put more food on my plate than I could eat - "Son, your eyes are bigger than your stomach." All great chefs will say we eat with our eye's first, but I don't think overfilling our plates is what they have in mind. Unfortunately, we live in a society where overindulgence is the norm and many perceive bigger equals better.

I love to read about history and discover all the things we can learn from our past. As this article points out, our plates (and maybe even our waistlines) were not always as big as they are now. Here's to hoping we can learn a lesson from this page in history and live healthier lives in small plate at a time!


  1. I LOVE what the author quoted at the end of the article:

    "People just have an idea that they don't like healthful foods because they haven't eaten Brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes since their mothers cooked them badly when they were 7. I find that a lot of people hold on to ancient ideas of food they hate, when really their tastes buds have evolved, but they are not allowing themselves to evolve with it."

    I'm fearful my nephews will , never evolve and indeed turn into giant chicken nuggets with macaroni eyes!!

  2. That's too funny! Mom and I were just remarking at Thanksgiving how different the plate sizes from today are from the heirlooms she has in her china cabinet. Maybe just switch to the oldies, huge difference.