Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exercise of the Day - Sumo Squat

Exercise of the Day - This is a little "treat" I hope to share a few days a week. After they are posted here, I will also add the "move" to my Exercise Page found on the menu bar on the Left. To get started, I want to share a really effective, heart reeving, thigh/butt/hip toning, and major calorie burning move with everyone.

I LOVE Sumo Squats! Mostly because by nature, I'm a multi-tasker. Sumo Squats kind of are too. You'll feel your entire lower body working just as hard as your heart will. Sumo Squats are also a good "basic" move to master that can be "built on" to make more challenges for your self.

-Start with just your body weight. Eventually, ADD (a safe) WEIGHT! Your legs carry you around ALLLLL the time. They're STRONG. Make them work harder with more weight (plus, you'll burn more calories)

-Even if you don't have great knees, you can do this one
-Watch your knee-toe positioning. In any exercise (lunge/squat/etc), your KNEE should never move forward, over your TOES. Focus on keeping a 90 degree angle (or so) with the ankle/knee. Eventually this angle can get smaller - but no matter what, your KNEE, when looking down at it,WILL NEVER GO BEYOND YOUR TOES. [if they are, you're doing it WRONG and risking injury]

Here's a video link by if you need a demo
  • Stand with your feet as wide apart as possible while pointing your toes outward.
  • Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Hold for a beat, exhale, then press back up to starting position. Repeat.
Keep your shoulders directly over your hips at all times. For best results, don't lean forward or let your knees extend beyond your toes. Keep your abs drawn in and don't arch your back.

How many do I do? 
- I personally like time-challenge-intervals; where I do as many repetitions as I can in a certain amount of time. For example: 25/30/45/60 seconds. Rest for an interval. Repeat.

-Repetitions, if you're a counter, you'll probably do best just counting reps. Set a goal of 12-15 reps for at least 3 intervals.

-Resting - this isn't a time to sit down, guzzle water or take a phone call. EVER. In exercise, a rest period is simple to relax the working muscles (including your mind) and hit a reset button to DO IT AGAIN! Don't let your heart rate come back to resting. It doesn't have to stay in your throat, but don't make it think it's done working either.

-TIP -  to really get the butt burn, push your weight through your heels and SQUEEEEZE your thighs and butt cheeks when you're pushing up. I promise, you'll feel it. :)

*Remember - If you're heart is pumping harder, you're BURNING calories.*

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