Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year..... New You?

"New Year. New You?"

Or are you as over that little jingle as I am? Not that there isn't some truth to it... but what is it that makes the mark of a new year so important that it makes people instantly motivated to DO GOOD for themselves finally? Personally, I get annoyed by it all and the sudden flood of people to they gym. I'm sorry, I've been going to the gym of our apartment complex at least 3 days a week for almost 6 months now and when we went Tuesday night it was RIDICULOUS!

Todd sarcastically even asked " you all live here?!" when we walked in... of course no one heard our mumbles over their blaring ipod's, but still... Where the heck did these people come from. We of course saw the two faces we always see at the gym... but there were about 30 other sweaty, determined faces we'd never seen in all our time at the gym. All the cardio machines were taken and wait lines had started. Most of the equipment was occupied and most of the floor space was being hogged. I almost left, but I was feeling quite motivated that night and finagled the last empty bench and got to work. Impressively, I felt GREAT that night. I did an upper body workout since I was going to be limited by the crowd.... but it was worth it.

I won't worry about the crowd too much. In a week or two they'll be gone.....

Well, I should say it more like... they'll all be coming at different times and more sporadically because of other engagements, work, dinner, etc.... I do hope they all keep up the good work though! (just not when we want to hog the gym! ;) hehe) It is inspiring to see everyone working hard, but I wish it wasn't just a "fad" the new year brought on to so many people.

I realllllly want Americans to see their health differently. It's not just putting hours in at the gym. It's about what we put in our body and what we push our body to do. I've said it a hundred times before, but our body is the one gift from God we must cherish and care for to fulfill our Purpose. This is one gift we can't exchange, we can't return and we don't get a "replay" button on. I want everyone to do their best always to care for their body... not just for a few weeks at the new year...  and here or there. Always! Yes, we aren't perfect, and yes, I love a few too many peanut m&m's at times... but I acknowledge these errors in my day to day living. I cut out calories elsewhere or tack on an additional 10 minutes in my workout to burn the extra 100 calories. It's all choices I make. There isn't a little devil twisting my arm telling me to eat these m&m's or not to get my work out in today.... it's alllllllllll me.

That's true for all of us. We make time, money and energy for everything we WANT to do. So why isn't a healthy lifestyle you WANT to have?!

As most of you know, if I can get on my "roost" about anything... it's all about this. Making yourself a priority. Love yourself enough to make yourself important. Important enough to take care of.

In 2012 make the decision this year to make LIFELONG changes and commitments to YOURSELF! Make small changes all the time for the better... it's easier that way. It's always harder to stop smoking overnight than it is to taper off of the cancer sticks.... all decisions are like this. Start low and go slow.... eventually you'll make many changes for the better and be able to MAINTAIN those changes forever!

-This week, add more water. Even if it's just one more glass a day..... whatever it is, just start.
-Next week, walk more. Start with ten minutes a day and add a minute each day once that starts to feel "do-able".
- Try to skip the salt. Just move the salt shaker from the table and enjoy your food the way it is, naturally. :)
- Next month, do jumping jacks in the bathroom on your breaks. Short bursts of cardiovascular activity not only help with your endurance, but aid the body in "pressure washing the vessels" of plaque and cholesterol build-up!
- Get a physical. Seriously - find a doctor. Go to your appointment. Write down your numbers - your height and your weight. Make sure they check your cholesterol, blood sugar (and A1C), thyroid, etc... Don't forget your numbers.
- In a few weeks, try a workout class. Any kind. Do something for FUN. Make friends while you're there. (they'll probably convince you to come back).
- Next month - cut out your sugary drinks.

These are just a few examples you can change or add to your routine. Share your ideas and goals with the other readers... You might have an idea that has helped you and can help others too!!

I have high hopes for us in 2012 friends! I'm working on my personal goals (for another post) and want to help you with yours. Trust me - I'm going to need LOTS of encouragement this year from you guys.... but know, I'm here for you too!

Share your thoughts and ideas, questions and comments. We're all in this together. We all need accountability, and you're mine. :)

Hugs and Love! Happy 2012!
- a.

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