Monday, January 9, 2012

Motivational Monday: Finding the Motivation

Lately, I've been struggling to stay motivated myself. Between work, the holidays, planning for the new year, deciding what my running life will look like in 2012, having friends and family in and out over the last few weeks and agreeing (after much debate) to take a PRN position at another hospital (which I won't start until February).... It's just been hard! :)

I feel you guys! (and I don't even have kids yet - which makes me wonder how I'll EVER be able to "do it all". yikes!)

But I got a little motivated this weekend thinking about a few things:

1.) Girls on the Run. The Spring season starts in March and it's been a month since I last ran with my "girls" and I'm going a bit stir crazy... I can't wait to see each of those smiling faces and hearing them cheer each other on towards their goals. It's motivation I LONG for these days. I miss the fun. I miss the giggles. I miss teaching girls to love themselves. A few more weeks and our 5k training starts again! YAY!

2.) Running Marine Corps Marathon. Yup. I said it. I'm going to do it. Well.... Registration opens March 7th. My calendar alarms are set and I'll do my best to be one of the first 30,000 people to crash the website and get registered before it's full and closed. Fingers crossed! I've got LOTS of training and many races between now and the end of October - but I'll do everything my body can do to run those 26.2 miles on these strong, short legs! :)

3.) I randomly got to thinking about an old blog post I wrote. Maybe you remember her? She had those cool hot pink Nike running shoes? :) Well.... just in case you missed her story.... or if you do remember her, here it is again. She's inspiring.

Her and her hot pink kicks are today's motivation. Our motivation to keep moving. No matter how we do it, just keep doing it.

Hugs, love and enjoy the miles. :)

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