Monday, January 23, 2012

Motivational Monday: A Big Kick in the PANTS!

***I'm really up on my roost tonight... You have been warned!***

I've started and rewritten this blog a thousand times now. I've been simmering about this subject for a few weeks now and last night, well I had reached my limit. I was a full boil. Steam and all.

Some of you might find this post rude, mean or even uncalled for; but quite frankly I feel that many of you (my readers, family, friends, strangers, fellow citizens, co-workers, patients, etc.) need a swift kick in the butt!!

For weeks I've been worried about my parents and in-laws over their health. For years, I've worried about the health of both my grand-fathers. It's been a couple of years that a few, close and dear friends have been on my heart. And... I worry all the time about my patients and the terrible state of health our country is in.

I have no idea why I'm so passionate about it, but I am. NOTHING gets my blood pressure up higher than to get me talking about someone [general Americans] or a family member who won't do ANYTHING to improve their health status! Then, to top it off, sweet ol' Paula Deen goes on national television to announce that she has Type II Diabetes and that she doesn't have to change the way she eats, how active she is... she just "takes her pill"!!!


I love Paula Deen for her personality (I've never made a single recipe of hers) - but I hate the stance that she took. She had an opportunity to lead a CHANGE in the way the South (generally) sees their diet and educate others about the consequences of being over weight, making poor dietary choices and managing diabetes. Instead, she takes the "easy" way out and compounds the American theory that it's 'normal' to just pop a pill and keep doing what you've always been doing. [[check out this post from the Washington Post.]]

I won't just hate on Paula... but I will hate on the majority. This might even include you, family members or friends... but I don't care. I can't say it "nicely" right now and if I could kick everyone in the butt; I WOULD! I'd grab each and every one of you by the shoulders and SHAKE you until you listen!!!

STOP MAKING EXCUSES! We are killing ourselves and everyone is just sitting around watching!!

I see younger and younger people dying because they think it's their doctors fault they aren't healthy. Parents are blaming our school systems for the poor diets our children are consuming. Mothers are so "busy" they won't schedule an hour a day to get their heart to the gym or out for a walk. Men are being stubborn and turning their noses up to adding vegetables to their meals and cutting out added fat/salt because "it doesn't taste good". We've got young girls looking like their 20 before they've even turned 13. Diabetics are running around with blood sugars greater than 300 all the time and covering everything with insulin instead of burning off the sugar with some exercise. Our kids are getting fatter and still they continue to sit around watching TV, playing video games, chatting and texting while their bikes sit unused in the garage.

What is it with our society--- What is wrong with YOU that you have to have a "tipping point" to make real changes!? Why is living a life with purpose not enough? Is everyone so busy and depressed that they can't do what's GOOD FOR THEMSELVES?! God gave us an incredible body, an incredible machine, and we're destroying it.

Why is living a long and happy life -- feeling good and energized not worth changing how/what you eat and how you move your body?!?!?

IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO ME!?!? Sure! I believe it can be hard. No, I've not had my own weight struggle per-say... but I've seen enough first hand that I know I don't want to BE stuck on my couch, moaning all night in pain, or feeling miserable/guilty every time I eat. Yes, it might hurt and be "hard" at first... BUT EVENTUALLY it gets easier! Soon, it's a way of life. It's just how you do things.

So take this "KICK IN THE BUTT" as your motivation today/this week. If you need me to really grab you by the shoulders and tell you that it's time to make a change, we can arrange that. I care about you so much that I WANT you to love yourself enough that you find a way to eat right, exercise, de-stress, be spiritual, find financial freedom and enjoy the life you have to LIVE while you're here to live it!!

How's that for tough love?


  1. courtney overman1/23/12, 9:58 PM

    Love it!!!! So freakin true! People have these choices and they still make the wrong one! I wish i could just exercise and diet and no longer be insulin dependent and HAVE A CHOICE!!!! Type 1 is permanent and the person does not get to choose. I am in excellent shape and i eat well and will forever be stuck taking insulin to survive and these people just take for granted their lives!i will never ever get it. Ever.

    1. Courtney - I agree! Most type II Diabetics have in essence, "chosen" this illness and continue to make the choice every day they continue the bad habits and not incorporate the good habits that make managing DM II easier or obsolete. Type I is no picnic and I'm thankful you take charge of your disease and wellness... instead of using it as your "excuse".

  2. I don't think you were mean at all! Sometimes you have to just be blunt in order to get your point across! I personally miss my daily dose of advice-opinions from Ms. Amanda :-) I think your compassion for others and your passion for their own health is inspiring and definitely a gift God blessed you with! So keep on using it!! Miss you! Michelle

    1. Michelle - THANK YOU! I miss our daily dose too!! I'm hoping this passion God has given me will allow me to be prosperous in making changes to health of my family, friends and our country... one day. :) The road is long and challenging, but I've never been afraid of a good challenge. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. wonderful. you should post more of your own eating tips and the exercises you do to be so fit... do you like boot camp style classes, you should give cross fit a try and post about that too. pictures too. keep it up fit and sassy

    1. Hi friend! Thank you for the encouragement! (and the nickname!! "Fit and Sassy"... I like!)

      I am trying to post more fitness and eating tips for 2012 - it's on my list! I LOVE different workout classes and certainly have tried many. I have and continue to love boot-camp and circuit workouts. I do these a lot on my own. I'm disciplined enough to do these without having to pay for them, so I don't. I do have several fitness challenges I would like to complete this year as well. Pilates, Crossfit, Kick-boxing, and a few others are on my list to try... I've got to coordinate these with my race schedule as well, so I'm not doing too much at a time.

      I'm bad about pictures anyway - but I'll try to work on those too. :) Thank you for reading my blog!