Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why be a Girl On The Run

I often tell people I'm a coach for Girls On The Run. 
Some people know how awesome it is. 
Others, have no idea what GOTR is. 

Girls On The Run is many things... 

Yes, we run (skip, hop and jump). 
Yes, we work hard.
Yes, there are cheers :) and lots of smiling faces. 
Yes, there is dedication. 
Yes, we build confidence. 
Yes, we create strong girls. 

But what I love best.... 

GOTR makes the girls of today, strong and ambitious women of tomorrow. 

I encourage you to help out if you can. Volunteer for the local 5K this Spring. Take your girl for a run.

Or just go out and cheer on the smiling faces! :) 

CHEERS! Here's to our Spring Season and making amazing little girls everywhere! 

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