Thursday, March 22, 2012


So, this morning one of my "friends" whom I follow on facebook posted a nifty little tip:

Running by The Book 
Runners need sleep! Our bodies recover from hard/long runs while we sleep. A good rule of thumb: for every mile you run during the week, you need an extra minute of sleep each night. So if you run 20 miles a week, you need 20 extra minutes of sleep each night. Are you getting enough sleep?

I immediately turned to my running log to see how much I've been averaging recently and NO WONDER I'm so exhausted. I have had close to 30-40 mile weeks this month and I've not been sleeping much more than I usually do. Especially the nights I've been at work or before I work. I TRY to be very routine with my sleep pattern. 10:30PM - 5AM is my work schedule. 6.5 hours never feels like enough anymore.... but now that I know I should actually be getting at least 7 hours ...nights I'm off, I should be getting like 8-9 hours?! Holy cow! I knew I had a legit reason for feeling so tired. I'm not the kind of person who usually sleeps a lot. 6-7 hours is usually all I need - until I started training for a marathon. Goodness! 

I've got to start working on this training-sleep-tip! 

Keep this tip in your pocket as you advance and achieve your fitness goals. I've been running for years now and had no idea of this training tip! 

THANKS Connie! I promise I'll be ordering your book soon! It's my Summer training plan. :) If you've not hear of Running by The Book, check it out on Facebook or Amazon too.

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