Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mental Health Day

Today would definitely count as Amanda's first mental health day for the year 2012. I feel like I've been going non-stop since the start of the new year. I took on another job, I'm training for my first Marathon, Todd's been busy with his job and Navy career, we almost bought a house, I want to go back to school, my step-dad has moved in with us until the rest of the family can make the "BIG MOVE" to the city...  AND Girls on the Run started this week for the Spring season! :)

All is going very well here in the Delp household, but quite frankly... I'm exhausted. I'm working hard to fight off the grumpy's and NOT be that over worked and exhausted nurse everyone hates. I'm running a lot. Actually, my running is amazing right now. I've never felt so strong or ran as well as I am now. I've actually almost talked Todd in to running in Poconos with me in May too!! YAY! (fingers crossed I can beat him over the finish line! haha)

So, today, I took a day. I took the entire day. I kissed Todd goodbye this morning from my big comfy bed and went back to sleep and I think the clock said 9:43AM when I finally cracked my eyes open again. I did have a moment of panic because I had slept so late and I hadn't been up and doing something. After a few belly rubs of Ginger I didn't care anymore. I had oatmeal and coffee while I sat on the couch watching TV. I didn't make a to-do-list and I didn't clean anything besides making the bed and the mandatory wipe-up of the kitchen counter-tops and the bathroom. No vacuuming. No dusting. No laundry. Nothing. It can, and it will, wait for tomorrow.

Taking a day is hard for everyone. Especially when we're busy. I know that by taking today will help keep me nice, healthy, loveable (Todd shouldn't have to have a grumpy wife) and able to keep doing all the many things I love to do!

Plus, tomorrow gets the added bonus of being called "Coach Amanda" again. :)

Have a great week friends!!

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