Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Favorites

Today, I realized that Winter is almost over! Despite the icky, nasty rain we had on and off all day, I couldn't help but notice the pink little flower buds perking up on the tree branches outside our living room windows. :) They're beautiful.

Spring is on it's way! YAY!

It got me thinking about how good we had this Winter! I had expected our first Winter in DC to bring tons of snow and nastiness... thankfully, we've been lucky. Rain? Yes. Gobs of snow? No. Thank goodness! We got some snow showers here and there to make things pretty for an hour or two, but nothing to stop traffic in its tracks for days on end!

This Fall and Winter I lucked out on a few amazing finds that I must share with my friends and readers. I'm convinced I'll never survive another Winter (mild or extreme) without these finds ever again! :)

For all the running I've been up to, I couldn't have stayed as warm AND comfortable through the wind, rain and few snowflakes without my New Balance Windblocker Jacket and tights set. The coat is so warm without the bulk, has internal pockets (I can even fit a water bottle in them!), LOTS of reflective technology and thumb-holes. Together, these are a must have from New Balance.

Winter skin is always hard to escape. This year, I had a few tools to help. You've to got try the Clairsonic skin cleanser! It comes in a bunch of great colors and talk about a clean face. Try it once and you'll feel what I'm talking about. Plus it's a fun little girl-gadget. :)

I've also discovered Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough Replenishing Serum. I am a lover of most of Philosophy's products, but this one is truly brag worthy. A few drops right after a hot shower (or a scrub with my Mia!) keep my face moisturized all day. Plus, it just feels good. Yes, it's an oil based serum... but never once has my face been oily looking. A high recommendation for all of us with flaky faces! I also should say I like the vitamin C booster, Hope in a Jar, all Amazing Grace scented products and their cleansers.

Last but not least, my comfy blanket from Pottery Barn. For Christmas we bought new furniture. In our hunt for the right stuff, we fell in love with this throw. I don't even bother folding it up anymore because it's ALWAYS on someones lap or with Ginger napping on it. It comes in several colors but I got the blue/green color for us and the mushroom for my sister and her husband. This is worth EVERY penny spent. It's not too heavy and it's not too light. It's always just right.

Oh, did I mention Netflix?! If you don't have it or if you've not tried it. Get it. The Redbox is sooo 2010. ;) Instant watching from the click of a mouse or a button is amazing!

Do you have any favorites to share?! I'd like to see what you guys are loving now too!

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