Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Workout Wednesday: High to Low Chop

This week I was looking for a new move to try in my workouts and I came across this one: 

The High to Low Chop
Anna Kournikova demo's the move for Biggest Loser Fans
I've done this move many times in many forms.... but in recent months I have forgotten all about it! So, I've pulled it from the muscle memory bank and tonight in our gym workout, I'll be sure to rock it. :) 

Give this move a try. You can use a cable cross machine, a medicine ball, kettle-bell, a dumbbell, or even a heavy book. Just be sure you use enough weight but not TOO MUCH that you can't get the full range of motion. Your arms will get tired, but you shouldn't have so much weight that you can't get a FULLLLLLL extension at the top of the move. Be even on each side and do at least 15 reps/side.... eventually when you've mastered the move you can increase your reps as well as your speed. 

You'll work your entire body in this bang out move... shoulders, lats, glutes (make your squat LOW!), and talk about your core!! This is really a do it all move and since you're working so many muscles at once, your heart rate will also climb and help you burn up some major calories. 

Have fun! :) 

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