Monday, November 21, 2011

Motivational Monday: Inspiring a change for the better

While checking out videos online I found this one. It's incredible. (a little long, but worth it)

Roger is the gentleman in the video. He started his journey to a happier, healthier man right before he turned 47 years old and weighed in at 276.6 pounds. He simplified his purpose to three goals:

1.) Health - changing his way of life in regards to diet and exercise to loose "a significant amount of weight".
2.) Passion - to RUN the Boston Marathon
3.) Love - to help save the life of his niece, Julia, and for the love of his wife, Mary.

What I love about his message is his FOCUS and that he didn't put a "time commitment" on his goals. He did what he could, when he could, and continued to push towards his three goals.

According to some of the video summary and other info I could find. Roger did exactly what he set out to do. He also ran the London marathon this past April. Julia is also still living.

Don't make excuses. Roger proved that finding a PURPOSE to drive you towards your goals, you will be successful!

Have a great week friends! :)

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