Thursday, November 10, 2011

Motivational Monday... but on Thursday

A few weeks ago, I had the PLEASURE of running with and cheering on my friend Lori while she ran the Marine Corps Marathon (her 3rd). No, I've never run a marathon myself. The training involved and my way too competitive side have always been my excuse.... well, honestly it was for my safety initially. 

After running a nasty stress fracture into the neck of my right femur during my collegiate running career... I knew it was probably best for me not to get involved in something that could potentially put be back in that miserable place in my life. I spent nearly 3 months hauling myself around a college campus on crutches w/o any weight bearing on my leg, no running and only being able to swim with my legs tied together like a freakin' mermaid. It was awful

I love the sport of running way too much to EVER let it be taken out of my life again because I simply worked too hard, too fast. Hence the reason I've REALLY avoided marathon training. Plus, I'm just not sure I'm up for that torture. 

Until now. :) 

Running with Lori and Todd for 10ish miles during the MCM was amazing. Watching all those faces come across the finish line was refreshing. Seeing so many wounded soldiers running alongside us proved to me that I really am stronger, physically and mentally, than I give myself credit. I also learned that maybe my time has also come. Of all the friends (as well as my 32 girls on the run) I've encouraged and cheered through several 5k's, 10k's, half and full marathons....They've all finished and gone on to do MORE!  

I think I'm closer than ever to making the commitment. I know I said 2011 was the "year of the marathon" for me in my new year "resolutions"... but we're already in November. I won't be running one by Christmas... so maybe this Spring?

Any other takers? We can plan a marathon extravaganza weekend together!!! 

Happy Running! - a. 

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