Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Workout Wednesday: X's

It's been a while since I last provided a GOOD workout idea.  This one has ALWAYS been one of my favorites... even my old neighbors and work out partners, Shameka and Jordan (her daughter) can testify. 'Meka loved to hate this one when we'd do it... but Jordan was always there to tell us it'd make our butts look good!

HA! I miss that loud mouth Jordan!!

Yesterday in our warm-up moves I asked for volunteers and one of the girls chose this one!! I like to call this move, the X-Jump-Squat.  Like always, it's a muscle multi-tasker and great to add on to a circuit for a cardio boost.

As the pictures show:

  • A. Start in a low squat position with your legs apart. 
  • B. Jump UP and OUT creating an "X" with your body. 
  • C. Back to the starting position. Repeat.   

I also like to do these with my feet/knees together in the squat position. It's a bit more work on the abductor muscles and the quads, but it's a nice way to change it up for a different challenge.

Mix this move in to your running/walking routine or while you're lifting to help keep up your calorie burn. I also recommend setting a goal of 10 reps to start. Eventually do timed intervals or max out until you just can't do any more. :)

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