Friday, October 7, 2011

Naked Toilet Paper?!

UGH! I have to get this off my chest. I hate this commercial:

I'm sure you've seen it. It's ridiculous.

How long has society lived without this additional piece of decorative clutter in our bathrooms!?!? UGH! Now this commercial makes it seem like you're an idiot if you don't "respect" the stupid toilet paper roll. I mean, yes, it is used to clean some of our... ummm more delicate areas and I don't condone using a roll that's been sitting on the ground or that's fallen in the toilet and is now dry ( ICK! I get a little grossed out thinking about this now... but I swear there were rolls in middle/high school just like this we had to use).

BUT REALLY?! A Cover?!

Okay - I feel better. Anyone else?


  1. I totally agree! What a waste of junk that just negatively impacts the environment! Somehow I don't think the toilet paper cares whether its nekked or not...

  2. Seriously. More trash to fill the trashie places with. When this commercial comes on, I get this sudden urge to just throw the remote at the t.v.... I have no clue where it comes from! haha :) (must be the red hair)

  3. Yeah, that is appauling. More waste. Another 5 minute fad.