Tuesday, March 1, 2011


YO YO! :) Sorry I've MIA for a few weeks now! I started orientation 3 weeks ago and two weeks of 10 hour days, 5 days a week sucked up all my free blog time!

Since my last blog, Todd and I have registered for our first 1/2 Marathon together! We will be running the Flying Pirate April 10th in Nags Head. We haven't gone crazy with our training (like I'd really like to do) - but this is our "season opening" of sorts. Neither of us are expected to break records (Todd probably will anyway!), just to run hard, give it our best and keep us motivated to do some hard training this Spring/Summer so we can really do some good stuff in our running world this year!

YAY! One more goal for 2011 about to be checked off!!! Let me know if you'd like to run too!! We haven't made any reservations yet - but we can always rent a house! The more, the merrier!!


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