Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi Friends!

So - Going back to work, becoming a night shifter and finally knowing what it's REALLY like to be a nurse has taken Red here a little adjustment time. 

Bloggin', keeping my house as neat as I'd like it, keeping in touch with EVERYONE and even my sleep (which I hate to admit) have all been challenged as well. Seriously, ask Todd. I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind most days. Night shift has been a HUGE challenge for me. Finding and keeping a routine/schedule is hard enough when you're in orientation and you work your preceptors schedule... but then calculate the night shift's effect on it all. No joke, I'm going crazy. 

I'm completely NOT myself and it's terrible! 

I forget almost everything Todd (anyone) asks/tells me (if I don't write it down practically immediately). 
I've lost a pay check from cleaning (to find it three weeks later in magazine of all places!?).
I think I forget to eat 85% of the time the day of the night I'm supposed to work. 
I almost forgot my mother-in-law's birthday. (thankfully, Todd's is the same week!)
I still haven't made reservations in Nags Head for our 1/2 Marathon in a few weeks - so we're probably going to be camping or something ridiculous. 
I want to sleep practically, ALL THE TIME. My usual 5.5-6.5 hr/night and good to go method isn't cuttin' it!
I was a week late getting Ginger's rabies vaccine.
Running has been difficult - either time is short, my legs feel like 100lbs barrels or it was all I could do to make it home from work with my eyes open.
Thankfully, I have remembered my BC everyday!! {yikes! I couldn't imagine that consequence too!}

I'm doing better this week.... I think. 

Hopefully I'll get to call my Dad back and catch up with him (it's been a while). I saw my mom while she was in Winston last week, so we're good for a week or so. Meg will call in the next 24 hours (I know her way too well). But even more importantly: I'll have girlfriend dates soon! I miss my friends!! 

I'm hoping the "Breakfast Club" will start soon and I can FINALLY have a regularly scheduled date with my girlfriends, food and coffee. 

*Here's to more cofffee! (and hopefully a change to day-shift soon!)  ;) 

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  1. Hey girl...you'll get use to it soon....well, that's a lie! I haven't ever really gotten use to night shift! I've been doing it off and on for four years now. Ergh...I still depise those nights!

    But, hopefully the more seniority you get the less nights you'll have to work!!!! Just try to make your nights resemble your days....when you eat, sleep, exercise etc....just at the opposite time....