Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marine Corps Marathon

I survived!

I have lived to tell the tale of ANOTHER amazing marathon! Yes, this past Sunday I ran the roads of Washington, D.C. along with 30,000 of my closest running friends. What an amazing race!! So many people, so many stories, and soooo much motivation.
My DNation team

I'm so grateful for the experience I had this weekend. I ran officially with Team DetermiNation for the American Cancer Society and more or less, un-officially, with my training team Capital Area Runners (CAR). Everyone has been so supportive and uplifting. Many friends helped me raise over $1,200 for the ACS in honor of my best friend, Katie Ball (as well as their loved ones!), and even more spoke encouraging words and offered well wishes throughout my training, as well as on race day.
Picking up my bib and checking out the expo

Thank you all for being amazing friends! I am so blessed to have the support that I have in you all! 

A view of the start! Only a fraction of the 30,000 runners
Race weekend loomed with the threat of hurricane Sandy destroying the day we had all worked so hard for.... But as we rose early Sunday morning, there was no rain, the temperature was perfect for a run and I felt GREAT! ACS had it's own tent pre/post race with lots of food/water, close access to (and no waiting) port-a-potties, bag storage, and a short walk to/from the start/finish lines. Thankfully, we had a very stress free pre-race morning not having to mess with the metro, parking or most of the crowds. In our tent I was able to meet up with Melanie, a friend I made on a long training run through Dnation/CAR.

Melanie and me at the start!
Melanie's super fit and fun, and we ran most of the race together (thankfully). Melanie had an extra boost of energy around mile 22 and I told her to kick it without me. My butt was burning so badly going over that stupid bridge I wasn't sure how I was going to kick it up the stupid hill climb to the finish!

One of the few action shots of the three of us! :) Love it!
Around mile 15 my girlfriend Kristen joined us to help keep our pace, carry our water/food, and run to the boys for additional supplies if needed. She was INCREDIBLE!!! She found us at the perfect time (we were still feeling good at that point) and stayed with me right until the finish (and through the time around mile 23 I thought I was going to barf) sending me through the crowds and around the curve before the dreaded hill climb with positive words and an extra boost of energy!

My finishing time: 3:43:24.

I was quite happy with my time. Ultimately I was shooting for 3:30 (my Boston qualifying time), but when I had to stop running 3 weeks ago due to an injury and move my workouts to the pool, I knew something might have to give and NOT getting to the starting line was not my option!! :) Thankfully my pool time kept my heart and lungs in marathon shape (for the most part), but I could tell my glutes and hamstrings hadn't been on a run recently! They were spent by mile 22.... after that, I think I was just pushing off with my calves.

Or so, that's how my legs felt Monday. 

Post race - At this point, my legs were locked
up and I was FROZEN! Todd practically
had to carry me to the car.... Okay, I leaned 
on him a whole lot. 

So, where I had planned to kick it up "another notch".... I more or less just kept going around the same pace I had been going. I listened to Coach George and despite my lack of kick at the end, I feel I did a great job doing as I was told to do for this race. I was spot on with my pacing from mile 1.... start slow, finish fast. I'll continue to work on the finishing fast part... since miles 25 & 26 were my only slightly faster than the pace of my first 8.

Overall, it was a great race. I wouldn't change much! I shaved 12 minutes from my last marathon, I didn't come close to pooping in my pants (refer to posts on my last race), the crowds were outstanding, and I'm looking for my next race.

Nihad (Melanie's Husband) and Todd - Super Husbands! Best road crew yet!

Recommendations? :)

Better yet --- what's your next race?!

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  1. You rock Amanda!!! Congratulations on those -12 mins!!!! Ched was definitely rooting you on during the marathon!!