Friday, September 7, 2012

My Stand [UP] 2 CANCER

Tonight is the big, annual, television domination for the Stand Up To Cancer, celebrity endorsed tele-thon on all the major networks.

It's amazing.

Really. I think it's incredible what they are able to accomplish for this cause. (plus, it sure as heck bets all the politickin' on tv these days!)

But, it really makes me a bit jealous too. I mean, why didn't I get invited?!?! Don't they know I'm raising money for the cause too? Plus, I'm a sassy southern girl with red-hair..... won't that attract SOME DONATIONS!?

;) geez!

You may recall back in March when I informed everyone that I was running the Marine Corps Marathon. (Well, in case you missed that... catch up here.) Not only am I running this marathon, I'm running it to BEAT THE HECK OUT OF CANCER!!!!!

Yes, that means I'm raising money.
Yes, that means I'm going to ask you to donate.
Yes, it means a lot to me.
Yes, you should.

I could give you all the reasons you should support me, but I'll just show them to you instead. I'm a visual person and pictures mean more than words sometimes.

Katie Ball - Angio Sarcoma
My best friend from the first week of college. Katie was a vibrant, extroverted personality that instantly meshed with mine. We simply were "Red and Ched" throughout our time at UNCG. People knew us, knew our friendship, and probably were a bit jealous of it. ;) haha Just teasin'... We really were sisters. We grew up on completely opposite ends of the great state of North Carolina... and met in the middle. (Over make-up too!!!) After our initial introductions, we only were separated by miles. After we graduated, Katie went to ECU to work on her master's. I went to work. For months, she wasn't "feeling right" and it seemed almost a constant battle with her health, pain and problems. Then it came. I'll never forget the call. I was in the Pittsburgh airport returning home from my work week when Katie called. All I heard were tears. Then... "They think I have cancer!" came screaming through. I said nothing. The tears and fear followed. Not much was said after that. I said I'd be there tomorrow morning and as we hung up, the lady sitting next to me in the waiting area, put her hand on my back and just sat with me. I never even said a word to her, but she knew. She knew the fear that I felt. The fear that I had for my best friend who was now, starting the hardest fight of her life. 

For 5 months, the battle was constant. With her and her family, we saw this shining spirit that we all loved so dearly, being destroyed by this cancer. No matter how hard she worked, her doctors and nurses worked, or how much the rest of us prayed... Katie was loosing this war. On December 14, 2007, we lost Katie to cancer. 

Since then, my life has changed. I've been motivated by her in ways a lot of people don't even know. I'm a nurse because of her. Every challenge presented to me, I push through because I know she had it worse and was still smiling. :) Now, I've ran a marathon and am running my second FOR HER! 

These are the other's I know, love and run for. (and yes, their names will be on my jersey too!)
Lee J. Ball (Katie's half-brother) - Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma
My Aunt, Karen  & Ms. Betty - Breast Cancer
Melanie Ketner - Colo-rectal Cancer

My maternal Grandmother - Hodgkin's Lymphoma

There are many patients who have also touched my life who have fought, are fighting, or have lost their battles with cancer. Each of them have also earned a special place on this journey to fight cancer. Together, each mile of my 26.2 mile journey will be dedicated to my friends, family and the loved ones of those who support me on this challenge. 

Currently, I have 6 donors and I have 52% of my fundraising goal. That means I need sponsors for the first 20 miles!! :) Come on... You know you want to!! 

Go on. It's easy: Donate NOW! You won't regret it. 

And tonight while you're watching S[UP]2C on your TV, you'll know you helped someone you know doing good for the cause. 

Thank you all for your support. You're amazing! 

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