Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Workout: Rolling


Not rolling in the hay or rolling down the road...... Foam Rolling! 

I've had a foam roller for a while now and I'll admit... it has done more to get in the way than to be of use to me in the past. After running my first marathon I learned a little more from my muscles and my body. I'm not a beginner runner so I have to work for injuries. In other words, I'm past shin splints and knee issues... it's all down to stress build up on these mighty muscles! 

Over time and as my distances have gotten longer, my time and commitment to stretching properly has been cut so short that I'm barely doing anything at all. [slacker] Seriously - it's a major issue I have to address pronto or I'm going to be paying for it with a nasty injury that I might not be able to bounce back from. 

I know, I know! ---- I'm working on it! 

Foam Rolling is part of this big correction. I've found that my legs hurt a lot when I roll. Seriously... I'm so tender in many of these tiny muscles I've almost brought tears to my eyes. I've also discovered how amazing it feels on my back and shoulders after one crazy weekend at work! :) Sooooo.... I'm moving the foam roller off of my back and to my glutes, hammies and hips. 


If I'm going to tough it out, I want company. "No pain, no gain!" I use this mantra sparingly, but when it comes to rolling, I'm afraid it's more truth than theory. 

Here are a video you can use to get started. Roll what feels good (or hurts). There are TONS of options when it comes to rolling. Be smart and a bit creative if you must! 

There's not a real science to using a foam roller. Some say use before exercise, others say after. Some say just do 10 rolls per area, some say you should roll until it's pain free. Regardless.... I just roll. A lot of these moves require odd positioning and upper body support so I'll go until my arms are too tired to hold much longer. This is often when I roll on to my back for a bit of a reward. :) 

All hard work deserves a reward. Save the best for last... trust me, your back will love it! 

Roll On my friends! :) 

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