Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Blog-Wagon

Considering it's been almost four months since my last blog post.... I think it's completely reasonable to say I have completely fallen OFF the Blog-Wagon.

SORRY!! I have had so many people ask, email and comment to see where I've been in the blogging world and my excuses weren't very good. I just had to give it up for a while. Training, working and managing life just were taking my time and my blog was becoming a "chore"..... Not what I ever intended my world wide expression (and mission) to become!! Now, I miss it.

To quickly catch-up:

- Girls on the Run finished the same day as my marathon. What an amazing season!! We had a blast every week running and growing together. I'm sure we even learned a few things from each other along our journey.

Done - Cramping and way over heated
At the 13.1 mile marker
- My marathon was amazing. Seeing my long time friend Katie Wade was so much fun! I miss her sweet smile so much and spending a weekend with her made me realize it even more!! Certainly finishing my race was the MAJOR highlight. It was my first marathon, 87 degrees, I nearly pooped my pants and I still finished under 4 hours!! (YES, you read that correct. If you know anything about how the combination of electrolytes, sugar and an unexpected heat wave... you'll understand!) I've started training for my next two races already - a half marathon this September and Marine Corps Marathon in October... all with the hopes of running in Boston next April. We're also thinking about going crazy and running (or trotting/walking depending on if I BQ) Big Sur two weeks after Boston.... but that's to be determined.

My running partners - Don Smythe (Katie's Kick Ass Dad), Katie and Meghan (Katie's college roomie)

- Work is wonderful. CRAZY, but good. It's insane at how hard we've had to work in the ICU lately. Seriously, I'm amazed at how much we're able to accomplish each day. I wouldn't say we do our best work every day.... but we certainly do our best with what we're handed. Being short staff, having crazy sick patients and insane demands are wearing us out, but thankfully I work with amazing women (and a few men!) who motivate me to come to work everyday ready, prepared and willing to be better everyday. I'm closing in on my one year date at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center and I'm proud of how I've grown professionally.... but remain a bit intimidated at how much I STILL have to learn!! Hence the constant desire to go back to school... yikes!

- My mom, step-dad and little sisters are slowly getting things together to make their BIG move to VA this Fall. Todd is loving his job. They've got a place to live come August. Molly's ready for High School and to start marching band. And Allyssa is ready to come see us in DC! All we need is a job for my mom.... then all things would be GLORIOUS! :)

If you know are or know anyone in the Fairfax Co. School System - please send me a message!! My mom is top-notch (and I'm not saying that because she's my mom... She's really just that great at what she does!). 

- My sister, Megan, and her husband are with CHILD! :) I'm going to be an Auntie this January! YAY! We don't know yet what gender this little bundle is.... but I'm thinking it's a boy. Meg hopes for a girl.... and I'll be honest, I do too.... but either way, this baby is bound to be gorgeous, have incredible eyes, brains galore and probably enough attitude to keep my sister in line for the rest of her life! ;) It will all come honestly:
See - Aren't they gorgeous?!

See... Not that much has changed. :) BUT, I will work on keeping my blog up to snuff. There are too many people in my life working hard on themselves to not add some extra fuel to their fire. 

Now, to talk my dad and brother in to running the 1/2 marathon with us this September! 

Have a GREAT week friends! I hope you've been doing well. 

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  1. That is *such* a gorgeous picture of your sister and her hubby!
    Seems like things have been overwhelming at work. We'll definitely need to get out soon for another run! July is pretty much taken over by tri training, but then starting in August it's all running, all the time. :-)