Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Art of Building a Salad

For some reason, I'm still unsure why, I am frequently complimented on my salad making capabilities. Yea, weird I know... but I'm serious. Even in college when EVERYONE was eating from the same salad bar and all the same ingredients, I'd sit down at the table and 90% of the time someone would say something about how "pretty" my salad looks, or I always make them look "so good". A few people started asking me to make their salads too.

Occasionally, I still get this. Not as often... but every now and then.

I always think COLOR while creating a veg-bowl (aka: ensalada). Make your food pretty by adding a punch of color and DON'T cover it up with gobs of creamy dressing. Don't ruin your salad with liquid fat. It's supposed to be GOOD FOR YOU!

So - I found this neat guide on how to "build a tasty salad" on Women's Health. Maybe it will help you create a salad you actually LOVE!

 Happy crunching! :)

PS - Use something OTHER than that bagged shredded mess called "salad". ugh. 

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