Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sudden Goodbyes

Sudden Goodbyes

Sadly, last night my family had to say a sudden goodbye to my "Uncle" Russ. Although not married to our family, Russ had been my Aunt Karen's significant other for as long as I can remember. He found his way in to the hearts of all of my family with his charming smile and his big heart.

Quite literally, his big heart was his problem. Genetically he was doomed for trouble and after his pacemaker was placed in February, he has struggled to get well again. He had a stroke right after his pacemaker was placed and that compounded the issues.

So, last night after a long struggle Russ let God do His work and end his suffering and unhappiness here under the care of his wonderful nurses.

Thank you to all the kind words. Thank you to all the nurses who have touched my family's life over the last few months – you all have made a difference. Thank you to the doctors who kept trying to solve the problem(s) and found themselves still beside him in the end. Keep my family, especially my Aunt Karen, in your prayers, thoughts, and blessings.


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