Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My New Favorite Thing

For those of you who know me well, I'm a sucker for a GREAT workout DVD!!

Life is crazy enough without having to plan your trips to the gym, pay for a crazy expensive gym membership, or good grief - worry about your body image while you're at the gym.... SO, do as I do. Workout in your underwear in your living room at 4:30AM while everyone's asleep and WORK OUT HARD!!! [seriously]

Like most people, I have my favorite DVD's, but I recently discovered Tonique Fitness and I'm in LOVE!

Check out the trailer for an idea of what you're in for:

Here's the skinny: It's HARD! 

I like to think that I'm quite fit.... but even I struggle to keep with tempo at times. This isn't to discourage you though. Please don't see it as such. I believe this video offers the best variety and challenge for those seeking an "investment" video that will be a constant "go-to" as your fitness levels grow and improve. When I first looked in to Tonique, I thought "Oh, I've got this --- easy! It's just a lot of jumping around and how hard can 2-3lbs. be?".... well, I started hard and about 30 minutes in to my first workout, I was not only soaked in sweat but I actually had to hit the PAUSE button! (and i NEVER use the pause button! NEVER!) HA! 

- Each exercise is highly cardiovascular = FAT BURNING!!! a huge variety of squats, lunges and lifts keep your heart thumpin' and your thighs dreaming of summer time shorts.
- The light weight, high repetition moves increase the heart pump, the fat burn and make your muscles, even the small muscles you never work, beg for just a smidgen of mercy! 
- The music is very high energy and you change moves so often it's really hard to get bored (trust me, I've almost worn this video out already and I'm still not bored!)!!!!
- Unlike a few of the other workouts I have (*cough*cough* P90X), this is one hour of no fluff or waste! Each minute is used to transform your body and challenge you mentally in ways Tony Horton only wishes he could. (Plus, the over-voice is much more motivating than the crazy antics of the Horton-ator!)

Now, a few things to note and think about if you're interested in giving Sylwia a try. High reps mean 30+ repetitions of each move. And these high reps can be hard some major joints, especially the knees, if you're not cautious of this ahead of time you might hurt yourself (and no one wants an injury to keep you from your fitness goals!). 

So, if you have tender knees, start slower, don't go as deep into your lunges and EVERYONE has to watch their FORM (as with any other workout)!!

I hope my love for a great and convenient workout helps you find a new obsession for some TONIQUE Fitness too! Trust me - this series has it all in one. I have the mat workout and the premier workouts. Tonique is definitely worth every penny and every minute of your time. If you want your own copy, check out Amazon.

Here's to sexy butts and very happy hearts! :)

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